Dr.  Audrey K Sauls

Evangelist Sauls received her Evangelist proclamation through Covenant Bishop Global Council in July 2016. She received her Doctor of Divinity Degree through Pendleton Chapel Seminary on December 26,2016.

Sauls has an optimistic attitude toward every situation. Sauls said, “in direct proportion to the intensity and degree of your faith which you master, will you receive power to meet your situation.”

(Matthew 9:20)

Audrey founded D. I. V. A. S (Devoted Inspirational Vivacious Anointed Sisterz), S. K. A. C. (Sauls Kids Against Crime), and The Empowerment Coalition of Leaders. She has owned and operated several businesses including but not limited to a Licensed Day-Care, Sauls Home Gallery, and is a promoter of Sauls Furniture. Audrey is a member of the NAACP; she serves as a member of Carver Resource Center and a board member of Progressive Outreach Center in Navasota. Sha has received many accolades and awards. Audrey was recognized by Texas A&M in their book called “Seeking the Need” pertaining to “Helping the Homeless” in Navasota Texas. Sauls is also a Notary Public.