Dr. Kim Rugon was born and raised in Orleans. She has over 30 years of career and technical education program development experience. Her career began as an accounting instructor at Louisiana Technical College–Sidney N. Collier Technical College where she taught for 17 years. In 2003, Kim was promoted to the position of Assistant Dean at Louisiana Technical College–Jefferson Technical College where she oversaw the day-to-day operations of the campus. Dr. Rugon showed an interest in curriculum and instruction and was quickly promoted to Dean of Curriculum and Instruction where she began to write curricula for the skills and trades apprenticeship programs in New Orleans, film and video technology, bank teller technology programs. Dr. Rugon succeeded is credited with writing the entire curricula for Avondale Shipyards Apprenticeship programs.

During her tenure as Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, she served on many committees that afforded her the opportunity to write policies and procedures for curriculum and program implementation. She also worked very closely with the local high schools in the city to promote career and technical education to high school dual enrollment programs.

After Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Rugon was chosen as Vice Chancellor of Louisiana Technical College-Region 1 where she was responsible for four college campuses in the region. She oversaw all fiscal management, academic and workforce development program planning, high school dual-credit enrollment programs for at-risk and traditional high school students, faculty and staff development, resource development and planning, and community outreach and marketing. During her tenure as Vice Chancellor, she was credited with re-opening the Slidell Instructional Service Center as well as re-establishing the following programs that had been shut-down due to the hurricane: Cosmetology, Machine Tool Technology, Air Condition and Refrigeration, Barber Stylist and Electrician Technology. Rugon can also be credited for the creation of the Electric Lineman Technology program. During her tenure, she was also a member of the Greater New Orleans Inc., which studied and advised economic development and training to meet the city’s needs after Hurricane Katrina. In addition, she served on many boards including the Jefferson Parish Workforce Investment Board.

In 2006, the technical college merged with Delgado Community College. Dr. Rugon played an intricate role in the merging procedure of the two institutions. She worked very closely with the Council on Occupational Education and Southern Associations of Colleges and Schools reassuring that curriculum and credentials aligned. In conjunction with the merger, she also oversaw the career and technical training programs. She served on several statewide committees providing expertise in career and technical education and workforce development.

Dr. Rugon is currently the Vice President of Workforce Development for Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Louisiana where her primary focus is to create workforce training programs and provide job readiness programs for individuals with barriers—disabilities, out of school youth and the ex-offender populations. Her work with these individuals ensures that these individuals have the necessary services and support they need to become successful employed. Dr. Rugon currently oversees the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services, ex-offenders, out of school youth, youth mentoring, the aging out of foster care, dads mentoring and the all technical training programs.

In March 2015, she was successful in gaining approval from the Louisiana Board of Regents to open Goodwill’s first proprietary training school. Dr. Rugon was instrumental in creating the following curricula that is approved by the state: hospitality and tourism training program as well as a Communications Technology training program, Microsoft Office Technology, and Medical Office Occupations. In addition to opening Goodwill’s first proprietary school, Rugon also opened offices in Baton Rouge and Houma to service vulnerable populations in those areas.