Gwendolyn Woods Miller


Gwendolyn Woods Miller

Former Supervisor of the EBR Parish School System Nursing Department

Gwendolyn Woods Miller was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on February 03, 1936.

At an early age, my grandmother and I relocated to Tuskegee, Alabama. We lived with her daughter and husband , my aunt affectionately known as JB and her wonderful husband, Uncle Alex, became my legal guardians. I was truly blessed to be raised in such an outstanding environment which included being exposed to many cultural experiences such as travel, and many other social activities.

Before and during my elementary school years, my grandmother and I spent many hours visiting such places as the George Washington Carver Museum. We often saw Dr. Carver in his starched white lab coat working on various projects and inventions. I remembered the sound of his kind and professional voice as he greeted visitors. Also we visited the Statue of Booker T. Washington lifting the Veil of Ignorance from the black man. Visiting the home of Booker T. Washington , located on Tuskegee’s campus was also quite an educational experience for me.

Upon graduating from Tuskegee Institute High School, I attended Dillard University School of Nursing, receiving my BS Degree in Nursing, June, 1959.

My first job as a nurse after graduation was at the historic Flint Goodrich Hospital in New Orleans, LA. During the next ten years, I held positions in Austin, Texas and Lake Charles, LA. Upon returning to Baton Rouge, LA. I was employed at Baton Rouge General on Florida Street. I was assigned to 4South, a unit where all the African American patients were assigned and treated and all medical services were provided for their care on that unit. Some of these services were: Medical, Surgery, O.B./GYN, New Born Nursery, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, and Contagious Diseases. Due to the excellent nursing care of the 4 South Staff, there were no known outbreak of cross infections on that unit reported.

After two years as a staff nurse, I was promoted to Charge Nurse on 4 East.

Having worked at Baton Rouge General for approximately five years, I accepted a position with the East Baton Rouge School System as a School Nurse and later was promoted as Supervisor of the EBR Parish School Nursing Department, from which I retired.

I was married to the late Rev.W.J.Miller, mother of four children. Willie J. Miller,111, Daryl Alex Miller(deceased), Keith Anthony Miller, and Debra M. Miller Borskey. Three wonderful grandchildren, Desmond Miller, New Orleans, LA., Kylan Borskey and Kailyn Borskey, Baton Rouge, LA.