Dianne Andrews is a very accomplished lady…. She graduated from college at the age of 19 with a B.S. in Mathematics. After graduating she went to work for IBM in Endicott, NY then IBM/NASA location at Johnston Space Center in Houston working as a computer programmer on the Space Shuttle project. she was the second black woman Systems Engineer in the state of Texas.

While at IBM she held several executive management positions and obtained her MBA. During her management tenure there, Ms. Andrews was the first black woman Marketing Manager in the state of New Jersey. Ms. Andrews was also the second black woman executive manger in the state of Connecticut. She worked with business giants such as Avis Rent A Car, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Kaiser, Sharp, Arco, Alcoa Aluminum, Minolta, LG and Toys R Us. Traveling worldwide to work with these customers as a business process reengineer.
Still at IBM, she started a motivational seminar business named Promoting Success Inc. These seminars focused on personal development, corporate development and starting a business. The format allowed the participants to pick and choose the sessions based on their personal requirements. Over 15 expert speakers lead these sessions. At the end of the sessions there is a business networking gathering with booths.
Currently, she is the owner of Home Health Solutions, LLC and is the first black woman to have owned multiple sleep labs throughout the state of Louisiana from 2012 until 2014. She is the author of 3 books- “Third Man Out” (fiction) “Gumbo For The Heart” which has 25 vignettes from famous and non-famous people.

People such as Houston’s former Mayor Bill White, General Honore, South African Ambassador James Johnson, dancer, actress Lola Falana, NFL player Warrick Dunn cancer survivors, bankrupted business owners on how they have lived there life with resilience overcoming adversity.

She is currently working on a screen play adaptation for her book “Third Man Out” and writing “Eye of Revenge” (Release date March 2017) the sequel to “Third Man Out”. In addition to her writing, Ms. Andrews produces motivational calendars named “Gumbo for the Heart”, which he second book bears that named. They comprise pictures from the artwork of children impacted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

In 1997, Dianne foundered the Lemmie and Mabel Andrews Charitable Foundation to honor her now decreased mother and father. She has fed the elderly up to 250 every Thanksgiving and Christmas since and given scholarships to deserving students.