Arch-Bishop/Dr. Joyce Turner Keller

Arch-Bishop/Dr. Joyce Turner Keller

Arch-Bishop/Dr. Joyce Turner Keller

Arch-Bishop/Dr. Joyce Turner Keller has lifted the term “southern hospitality” to an entirely new level.  She is not only the founder and CEO of Aspirations, a non-profit faith-based community service organization, the founder of the Travelers of Christ Evangelistic Ministry, but someone who is living/thriving with AIDS herself is taking her message from the pulpit to the public, and has dedicated herself to educating, supporting and inspiring others living with HIV/AIDS throughout the world.

In May 2006 she received a proclamation from Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco of Louisiana for hosting the first Hepatitis Awareness Day, shortly after hosting the first National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in March of that year when she was presented with a Proclamation from Mayor President Melvin “Kip” Holden for her contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS.  In March of 2009  Aspriations was given a Proclamation for the Second Annual Teen Violence Prevention and Self Esteem Building Conference. She was profiled in the July /August issue of “Positive Aware Magazine” in Chicago, ILL, and nominated for “LoReal’s Paris Woman of the Year 2009 Award”, a Proclamation was given to Aspirations by President Barrack Obama for her work with Hepatitis, Honoree Champion For Children Award, Children Defense Fund, Beat The Odds, 2011, Proclamation from Mayor Mitch Landrieu, RESOLUTION from United States Congressman Cedric Richmond, Certificate of Commendation from United States Congressman William Bill Cassidy, Certificate of Commendation City of Baton Rouge, Mayor President Sharon Weston Broome, 2017, and Louisiana Senate, A RESOLUTION, Senator Regina A. Barrow, BRAIDS Choice Award, and Metropolitan Community Church of Baton Rouge, Service Award, 2018, in recognition of outstanding service to community.

Over the years, Arch-Bishop Turner Keller has incurred an extensive list of certifications, recognitions, and awards for her extensive work in community awareness and development in the HIV/AIDS arena as well as presenting before Congress a list of names on a “Living Quilt” signed by people living with HIV.AIDS from across the country at a Ryan White Hearing.

She is a certified HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis C Community Counselor, Educator and Tester, the Founder and CEO of Positive Diva and Positive Dude Productions, a Global Advocate, Community Organizer, Motivational Speaker, a Board Member Emeritus for AAA+, a member of the National Minority Aids Council CAP Board, and a member of National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable.

She has been an ordained minister for fifty-three years, has a Doctorate of Divinity, in Theology and is the proud grandmother of thirteen grandchildren, and a great grandmother.

Most recently, Dr. Joyce Turner Keller is featured in a Documentary, “Nothing Without Us: The Women Who Will End AIDS” profiles thirty women living with and fighting to raise awareness and end the disease.

Currently, Dr. Turner Keller is writing, acting, and using theatre to address the criminalization, stigma, and need for a cure to end HIV/AIDS.