Anna Catherine Jackson

Anna Catherine Jackson

Anna Catherine Jackson

Former Nurse, Baton Rouge General Hospital Mid-City

Anna Catherine is one of the first black nurses at Baton Rouge General Hospital Mid-City over 50 years ago.  Anna Catherine began her career on unit 4-South.

Doing those years of segregation, all black patients were treated on one ward.  Adults with serious illness and new born babies in the nursery also were treated on the same ward.

Anna Catherine served and worked with pride and gratitude.  Nursing and caring for others is a passion that she took time to teach and share with others.

Anna Catherine was born in McComb, Mississippi, November 8th, 1939.  She was born to the deceased Jeffery Carl and Julia Brent Neal.  Anna Catherine is retired and resides in Baton Rouge, La.  Married to Dennis Jackson.

Even through such hard times of segregation, being a black nurse, where all black patients were treated on one ward, even new born babies in the nursery.  There were serious illness such as cancer, infectious diseases, but we were dedicated and committed to taking care of the patients in our ward.  The older nurses took me and others under their wings doing this very trying time.  It’s amazing to know that I and others were apart of breaking the color barrier during such hard integration at Baton Rouge General Hospital, 4-South.  Now known as Mid-City Baton Rouge General Hospital.

Anna Catherine later continued her education in 1960 Capital Area Trade School, she received her Licensed Practical Nurse; 1963 McKinley Adult Studied Completed GED; 1964

Southern university; Southern University Freshman Classes; 1974 Valley Park Adult Training Certificate Emergency Medical Technician; 1993 Medical Career Academy-Phlebotomy Technician.

Later employments including  Baton Rouge General LPN; Southern University Infirmary Nurse; Prestige Home Health Care; Interim Homecare of Baton Rouge; Gillis W. Long Hansen Disease Center, Carville LA.

Anna Catherine received certificates of honors for years serve of 18-23 years at Gillis Long  Hansen Disease Center; Green Angel Award; Audubon Girl Scouts Troop 401; OLOL Instructor CPR, In Church Ministry awards for Wellness, Mission and Nursing Home Ministry; Recognized by WAFB as one of the First Black Nurses of Baton Rouge General, and many other awards.