Child Development Institute

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The mission and goal of Child Development Institute is to ensure that all children and families receive quality physical, mental, cognitive, emotional care need to thrive in our changing society. The goal is to provide all children with a place to express themselves in a loving, nurturing, and caring environment that promotes success and happiness.

Child Development Institute will unitize a number of innovative ways to encourage, education, foster entrepreneurship, and leadership in children.  We want to motivate children and families to develop a culture of giving back to their communities through events and activities that display a strong sense of inclusiveness and creativity.

The key to well- adjusted children is to know that they will be loved, cared for, and protected by those in their lives.

We provide quality growth in physical, mental, cognitive, emotional development through educational events, dramatic performances and development through the arts, by establishing a base for children and families that support, uplift, and guide each other as family.

Not all children and families have caring and nurturing support group that embrace them during times of joy, needs, celebrations, and hardship.   Many of today’s youth are confused and suffering in silence. Bullying is rampant in schools and neighborhoods and we want to be that place where children and families can go to get help.

We want to encourage children and families to be creative thinkers, and truly use their imagination to expand their horizons as for as they so desire and beyond.

Our goal is to establish an organization where children and families can witness the spirit of caring, nurturing and encourage others in their rise to greatness, regardless of their race, gender, disabilities, or social economic status.  No one accomplish success without others and CDI wants to provide children and families with a strong foundation of love, education, and care for others.

Gisele Haralson – Executive Director