About Pi 3.14 Inc.

PI 3.14 Inc. was born on the campus of Tulane University in a program put together to teach high school teachers how to teach entrepreneurship to high school student.  My project gave birth to PI because PIE was taken at the Secretary of State. In order to keep the same sound and give meaning to the ideas that I had, a math teacher and I came up with using PI and how you solve PI. Two heads together can do anything! PI 3.14 represent the whole PIE (Participating in Entrepreneurship/Education).

The first project PI 3.14 Inc. worked on was teaching high school students and community based people entrepreneurship. Together with Tulane, 5thgeneration entrepreneurial, LSU, and the students we developed and process that allow the students to run companies inside the classroom, visit existing companies, attend newly developed businesses in New Orleans, shadow companies that they would never have heard of let along get into, and gain the confidence that they could leave old habits behind, develop new skills and independence, and lead productive lives.  Because I had the desire and ability to understand that it truly takes a village, I provided students with a great opportunity to become more than what they had been and pass forward what they learned.

Thanks to Mr. John Elstrap at Tulane University and my willingness to take the support they offered, I found in PI something that works.  We must link the chains of success to those who have the desire, but not all the knowledge and Economics to get things done.

Thank you,

Ms. Veraniece “Vera” Williams
Educator | Entrepreneur